A new perspective on some inconveniences

Yes, Tara, I know!  🙂  I know you wish you loved to swiff as much as I do!

I’m skipping choir tonight.  Just needed a nice relaxing evening.  Besides, it was snowing like crazy when I finally got home, and in the back of my mind was the thought it’s not worth it to drive on the roads just for church choir.  And then when it was almost time to leave, I peeked out the window, and there was a huge Nebraska Furniture Mart truck parked behind my car, so I couldn’t leave anyway.  I took it as a sign, and stayed home.  I will responsibly put the sheet music in my binder, and arrive early on Sunday to mark the necessary pages in the “blue book.”  (The book we use with all the regular church songs in 4-part harmony.)  Although, I don’t know what possessed someone to agree to drive a huge Mart truck through the snow!

Yesterday was stressful.  My car was in the shop, and when I went to pick it up I discovered that the thing that needs fixed could be very expensive.  My brother can “fix” it for free, but it will damage the part of the car that reduces harmful exhaust emissions.  The third option is to go to a specialty muffler shop that can fix it more efficiently, for less money.  Then, I got home to discover that my bathtub had been resurfaced, with no warning, so I wasn’t allowed to use it until tonight.  Actually, they didn’t put the drain back together, so there was no chance I would disobey.  Had I been warned, it would have been no big deal.  And it does look great…but to be honest, it was in perfectly good condition before, so I don’t care so much if it’s shiny or not.  So when The Boy picked me up to go play basketball and indoor frisbee with the frisbee/capture the flag crowd, I took a shower at his house before he brought me home.  You have no idea how tempted I was to start off this blog with that detail!  🙂  “Showering at Mike’s.”  Hehehe.  I think all of the women who raised me read this blog from time to time, and even as an adult, I love to freak them out! 

ANYWAY, here is my point…  I was incredibly stressed and beyond irritated last night.  But there was no need for any of it!  The car…At least I have transportation.  If it’s in the shop, I’m so lucky to live near people with whom I can carpool to work.  And I have choices.  I don’t know what I will choose, because I’m falling under the trap of what people tell me to do.  Both my brother and The Boy think I should just let my brother fix it and who cares about emissions.  I’m absolutely not spending two thirds of my February paycheck on the repair.  But I think I will get an estimate at another place.  Because, although it would be easy and free to do it my brother’s way, I truly think I should do my part to reduce the strain on the environment.  It’s bad enough that I drive so far to work each day.  But I’m not a broke college student anymore, and I think getting it fixed would be the responsible thing to do in this situation.  I think I should stand up for what I believe and take action accordingly.  Otherwise, I’m selling out for the sake of money.

Yeah, drama, drama.  It’s not a big deal, I realize!  Just trying to make my own decision here, based on what I think is right, rather than going along with the people whose advice I appreciate.

And the inconvenience of the bathtub…I am so lucky.  If I hadn’t been able to impose on The Boy, I could have imposed on Tara and Chad, or my coworkers that live close, or Jenna and Brian, or one of my church friends.  I may have one bathtub in my apartment, but I have many available to me because I am not alone in the world. 

I’m starting a new category for unity.  That seems to be a theme of mine lately.  We are all connected.  At its very basis, that’s what faith is.  That’s what God is.  I may believe one thing, and you may believe one thing, but the bottom line is, we were all created by the same One, whether you call that One God, or Yahweh, or Mother Earth or Father Sky, or even the spirit that runs through all of us.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all one.

All of you faithful, please join all of us teachers in praying for snow!!!

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  1. Tara
    Jan 17, 2008 @ 20:24:41

    The plan for Saturday is to go to Dave & Buster’s at 7:30 for dinner, drinks, games, and fun!!! Call Chad or my phone if you are coming so you can check if we’re there for sure!


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