Do you know what the stress is?  It’s that I have all this extra stuff to do….packing…calling the utility companies…confirming my friends who are helping…taking stuff to goodwill…cleaning the old apartment…BUT LIFE GOES ON!!!  It’s not like the rest of it stops in order to give me time to do the moving stuff.  I still have work stuff to do, and laundry, and feeding myself by either shopping and cooking or buying food, and working out, and so forth. 

I’ve only ever moved in the summer, and then one time in December after I graduated but before I had a job.  This whole concept of moving while working is new.  🙂

Five days to go, today I plan to pack the “pretties”–You know, statues, framed pictures, stuff like that.  I also hope to get a good start on packing the kitchen.  Or my clothes.  I don’t know about those two categories.  Both are things I’ll have to use through the move.  One thing I’ve learned about moving is that you need to pack a bag for yourself, as though you’re going on vacation.  Then, you can pack your clothes and bathroom, and you’ll still have what you need where you can get to it.  It just seems a little early for that.  But it also seems too early to eat out every meal until I’m moved.  I guess I’ll just get started and see what happens!


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