18 days to go.  My task of the day was to file away all the bills that I’ve been stacking on a shelf since I moved here!  🙂  In the midst of that organization, I found this quote:

The ball was not a dream.  It just wasn’t quite ready to happen.  The dress she wore was magnificent; one day she’ll wear it again.  The King and the Queen who were so receptive, will receive her again one day.  And the prince will come one day with her shoe, because when something fits it just does.  The mistake is believing the prince is the answer, when the true answer lies in the slipper.

I typed up this quote once, because I thought it was so lovely.  I can’t remember what it’s from or who wrote it.  I love Cinderella stories, and I have always had the idea that the prince doesn’t really save her.  Meeting him makes her realize that she can rise above her circumstances and be who she wants to be.  But at the moment of that first meeting, she’s not ready for all that.  She thinks she’s faking it.  She doesn’t realize that she is more.  It’s when she has been more, and then tries to go back to her old self, that the change occurs.  The slipper was real, she didn’t fake it at all.  When the prince comes back, she’s ready.

It’s not a story about the love between a boy and a girl.  It’s about a girl coming into her own, recognizing her own potential and power in her life.  And depending on the version, it’s also about the boy learning to see beyond status and material riches to truly know another person.  These themes are placed in the setting of a love story.  It’s beautiful.


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