I’m doing this!

I paid a deposit on a new apartment yesterday.  Then I got home and had a moment of….WAIT!!!  WHAT???  I just committed to moving to a new apartment!  Now I have to do it!

It was only a moment.  I’m doing this.  This is the right thing.  What freaks me out is doing this by myself.  And of course, I won’t be!  I just sent out an email this morning asking my church friends who would be available to help, and I’ve already gotten three yesses and a maybe.  Also, my sister Sarah loves to help move, and she’s very excited about coming out for a few days and helping.  And my mother agreed that if I couldn’t get the church guys to help, then she and the fam could come do it on Christmas Eve.  That’s my plan B. 

So now, I’m past Oh my God what did I do mode and I’m settled firmly in plan of action mode.  I have 20 days to prepare.  I have a to-do list that is two and a half pages long.  Todays jobs…turn in my notice to this apartment complex, clean apartment, clean fireplace.  Further jobs…clean out kitchen and get rid of stuff I don’t use.  Same with bedroom closet.  Same with bathroom closet.  Call utility comapanies, phone company, etc.  Update renters’ insurance.  Reserve a U-Haul.  Pack.  Etc.  I’m planning to be very well prepared and make this the most easy, organized, efficient move ever.  One task at a time.

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