The Consistency of the Vegas Hotel

I got a wake-up call on Sunday.  It wasn’t a call so much as a letter, actually. 

I have lived in this apartment complex for two years and four months.  In the first year, I lived in a small one-bedroom, no laundry, no dining area, nice big kitchen, beautiful vaulted ceiling.  The perfect size for me and my dog.  The kicker was no laundry.  Not even in the building.  Coin laundry on the first floor would have been fine with me, but I had to drag my laundry across the complex in snow, rain, heat, everything, or haul it to the landromat.  So I moved to this apartment, a little bit bigger, still one bedroom, with laundry.  Now, it’s the perfect size for me and my dog.  I grew into it.  🙂  Bought a dining room table, living room furniture, you know, that kind of stuff.  I would be fine in something a little smaller, but I’m not willing to go anywhere that doesn’t have laundry in the apartment or in the building.  It’s too much of a pain in the ass, and there are so many options that there’s no need to put up with that.

In the two years and four months that I’ve lived here, the company that owns the complex has mildly but consistently screwed people over.  When I moved out of my smaller apartment, I was charged for replacing the carpet, which I had been told was not in need of replacing, that it was just normal wear from walking in with wet shoes in the winter.  They told me not even to worry about shampooing it.  It was a huge charge, and my deposit and pet deposit didn’t cover it, so not only did I not get my deposits back, I owed several hundred extra.  That was the big thing.

At the end of the second year, I looked at my options and decided to go month to month instead of signing another 12-month lease.  It wasn’t that much more expensive, and I just figured that would put me in a good position to move at the beginning of summer rather than the end, whenever the next time I would have to move.  Or any other part of the year, of course.  I got home from Thanksgiving break to find a letter stating that if I want to continue month-to-month, my rent will go up again.  Or I can sign a 12 month lease starting in January, and my rent will also go up, but not as much. 

It’s not a big deal, it never is.  It’s just so consistent!!!  Rent must go up over time, I get that.  But every four months?  Should it really take three days to get a situation worked out with water coming through my kitchen ceiling?  Should someone tell me there will be no charges, and then charge me hundreds of dollars to replace carpet that didn’t really need replacing?  Should I be told to take all my stuff off the balcony so they can paint it, only to have it never happen?  Over two years, should I really never talk to the same person in the office twice???

I’m not hugely upset about this, because I think I was just too trusting, thinking that what they said in August would probably be the same for awhile.  I’m not stressed, and I fully predict that I will sign a 12-month lease and stay in this apartment.  However, I feel like it would be good to find out what else is out there.  I like my apartment just fine, and I love the amenities like pools and fitness center.  But when it comes to people versus amentities, it seems like the people should win.  A really good apartment management would make up for a lot of problems with an apartment, or lack of amenities.  If I can’t run on an indoor track, but I get a friendly maintenance staff who help me as soon as I tell them there is water dripping from my kitchen ceiling, wouldn’t that be the better situation?  The problem is that amenities are obvious, but a good apartment management is hard to predict until you actually live there.  Right now I think my best bet would be just to look into something different, a different company’s apartment complexes, or even a different situation, such as an individually owned rental of some sort.  There would be different problems in every situation, of course.  But it wouldn’t hurt to look.

I’m not looking forward to moving again, especially not in December!!!  But if it’s the better choice, it’s worth it.  This apartment is sort of like living in a Vegas hotel.  All these luxuries.  Huge numbers of people living here, high mobility of people moving in and out.  Apparently high mobility of people who work here, as well.  People drinking beer by the pool.  Resident parties, a private movie theater, blah, blah, blah.  I had a great time in Vegas this summer, but I don’t want to be on vacation all the time.  I haven’t felt the desire to take advantage of very many of the resort-type things at my apartment complex.  I don’t think I want to live at the Vegas hotel.  🙂


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  1. Chad
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 07:13:18

    Dude you didn’t tell me I could drink beer by your pool! Don’t move, I have big plans for next summer


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