Break’s over…

It turns out, it was all just a total miscommunication.  🙂  My friend made a comment basically saying I should have talked about her in that post, she was actually joking, but that didn’t come across in the message!  Just one of the pitfalls of electronic communication…

THANK GOD!!!  I’ve been dying to blog!  In the movie Catch and Release, there is a scene where Jennifer Garner’s character, Gray, is asking the male character, Fritz, why he hasn’t committed to a marriage or a relationship.  “Who do you tell your stories to?” Gray asks.  Fritz replies, “I guess I just keep them to myself.” 

I can’t keep them to myself!!!  This is where I tell my stories.  If I get married someday, my husband will be obligated to listen.  It’s part of the job description.  🙂  But right now, I don’t really have anyone who is committed to listen to my stories, so this is where I tell them.  I am not a loner, at all.  I’m happy in my life, but loneliness is a battle I fight daily.  I want so badly to have someone here, my person, the one who will listen to me and I can do the same for him.  At least when I blog my stories, they are out there for someone to read, even if it’s not my person.  Even if it’s not anyone I know.  It doesn’t take away the loneliness, but it fulfills that one need, to be heard.

So today, it’s just stories…

Yesterday, I covered for a kindergarten teacher, because we were short on subs.  So I had my own class plus a kindergarten class.  It was by far, the craziest day of teaching I’ve had so far!  I was the most tired last night I have ever been after a day of teaching.  Neither group of students got much out of the day, academically, but they all had a blast!  They thought it was basically a big party, the whole day.  I am pretty proud of myself that the day went as smoothly as it did.  I’m also proud because I finally feel like I am confident in my job.  The principal asked if it would be a possibility for me to take my class down and cover for the kindergarten teacher, and I wasn’t afraid.  Believe me, I understood how crazy it would be!  I understood that it would be a day unlike anything I had done before.  But I wasn’t afraid to give it a try.

This afternoon when I got home from work, there was a water spot on my kitchen wall.  Hmm, that’s interesting, I’ll call about it tomorrow.  When I got home from choir practice, there was water dripping from the kitchen light!  Yikes!!!  I am currently, at 10:25 p.m., waiting for the maintenance guy.  I have a paranoid thought that I will have to evacuate my apartment because of this problem, like there’s something toxic in the walls, or the apartment above me is going to cave in at any moment.  So, does anyone want to take me in?  🙂

You may have gathered from previous posts that there is the possibility of a guy in my life right now.  This week I definitely crossed the line from “a seed of interest” to “totally crushing on this guy.”  I previously said that I hated the period where neither of us know what the other is thinking, who knows what will happen, who knows what the other person wants.  Still true.  However, I love this part of it, when everything about him is thrilling!  He has an awesome car, and I can’t wait to ride in it.  I’ve given the guy about 20 rides, I think it’s his turn to drive!  His hair is the perfect length for holding onto when you’re kissing, which by the way, no, I haven’t yet.  The way he looks in jeans and a nice shirt…I’ve crossed into the zone of too much information, yes?  🙂 

Then of course there are all the real things that I liked about him long before I was interested.  He says what he thinks, whether he agrees with you or not.  He also really honestly wants to hear what you think.  I’m sort of guillable sometimes, and he’s not afraid to take advantage of that.  🙂  He seems to have rock-solid, unshakeable faith.  He seems like the kind of guy who could hold you up in a time when your faith was lacking.  He likes Pal.  He gets me.

And I have no idea what will happen!

Well, that’s all the stories we have time for tonight.  🙂 


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  1. Doris
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 06:57:22

    I am so glad that is worked out and you can tell your stories again! I need my morning pick me up. (And it has less side effects than caffeine)
    Love you


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