I’m feeling…

…Refreshed…Miranda and I stayed with Dana last night, we kind of had a girls’ time.  The three of us hung out at Dana’s one other time, in the spring, and both times we’ve had such a relaxing trip.  Last night we went out to eat, then sat around Dana’s living room just talking for a couple hours.  We ended the night with a few games of Blink, the fastest card game ever!  🙂  (Two other games that I need to get–Qwitch and Quiddler, also games I’ve played at Dana’s.)  This morning we went to a pumpkin patch, then poked around at Michael’s, then went to a candle party hosted by a coworker of Dana.  It was such a refreshing, relaxing pace for a weekend away.  We had no firm plans, just ideas.  We did what we felt like at the moment, and it was wonderful!

…Heart-pulled…Of course we spent a lot of time talking about Owen and Ellie, and Dana told us more about what happened and showed us some pictures.  Those two gorgeous little children just tug at my heart.  Dana and Greg hold them close to their hearts, and I feel so privledged that Dana chose to tell me all the stories and show me her pictures. 

…Peaceful…I finally got a chance to clean my house a little on Thursday night.  Finally.  Clutter and dirt makes me stressed.  It was so wonderful today to come home to a clean house with most everything put away where it belongs.  I feel so much peace when my environment is peaceful.

…Yikes!!!…This week I have totally been pigging out.  ….You know what?  I can’t put this whole thing in the same post as my wonderful weekend with Dana, my heartfelt connection with her children, and my peaceful home.  Coming in a moment!  🙂 


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