Ahead of the curve

Giddy happy mode is back.  Or never really left, I’m not sure.  I just feel like blogging tonight, so you might get a few.

However, I don’t really have anything specific in mind.  So I might ramble a bit.  First of all, have you ever felt like you’re suddenly ahead of the curve for no good reason?  I feel like I’m accidentally stumbling upon all these things that I just recently had that same idea myself.  (If that sentence makes any sense!)  For example, about six months ago I started doing something in my lesson plans to make a certain curriculum that we use in our district more organized and accessible, when it comes time to log and report everything I’ve been doing with that curriculum.  I won’t bore you with the details, but today we had a presentation in our staff development meeting that taught us exactly what I’ve been doing!  How weird is that?

Example number two.  I told you I’ve been interested in learning more about vibrato.  I mentioned that I feel like I do it accidentally sometimes, but I can’t do it intentionally.  I’ve had the feeling that it’s when I just let go a little, like I’m still on the right note but I’m not trying so hard to stay there.  Well, I followed a link that Sarah left in a comment, and learned that’s pretty close!  One problem that this particular voice teacher encounters is students who have their vocal muscles too closed and controlled.  And they have to learn to just open up and let go a little bit, and then they develop a good vibrato.  Ha.  🙂  (Interestingly, another bit of information was that vibrato develops naturally with age, so since I’m in my 20s and the woman I was talking about in choir is at least 10 years older than me, it might not be wise for me to aim for her vibrato!)

And example number three, which I may expand upon.  I decided a few weeks ago that this fall I’m going to concentrate on my physical health and fitness, and do everything in my power to feel, look, and be as healthy as I can.  You know, eat better, move more, hopefully lose a few.  I always have about six grand goals in mind, as far as ways that I can make myself better.  I just decided that I’m going to focus on this one thing for awhile.  I’m reading a book called Shopping for Time, which is basically a biblical perspective on things women can do to be more effective with the time you have.  A couple of days ago I read a chapter that encouraged women to reflect on the big areas of your life, think about things you are doing well and things you need to improve upon, and then pick just one or two of those big areas and actually make a plan to improve.  My big area?  I had already started it! 

I don’t have a clue how it is that I’m a little ahead of everything now, but I’m grateful for it.  This is a nice place to be!

And another giddy happy thought…It’s 60 degrees outside, which is a perfect temperature to run around and play, and I finally am free to go play ultimate frisbee tonight, for the first time in about 4 weeks!  Woohoo!


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