Okay, in keeping with my giddy happy theme from yesterday, I’ve got some more random good stuff.

My neighbor across the hall gave me some squash.  I never really liked squash when I was a kid, but I’ve learned since that I absolutely LOVE vegetables, I just have to find the right way to cook them.  I even like asparagus, as of early this summer when my sister made a pasta with asparagus recipe that just blew me away.  Anyway, back to squash.  For butternut squash, the secret is garlic!  I found a recipe and modified it a bit based on what’s in my kitchen right now.  Basically I baked the squash, then scooped out the flesh into a bowl.  I added a couple cloves of garlic, some olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper.  Then I mixed it all up and covered the bowl with foil for awhile to let the hot squash cook and blend the flavors.  It is excellent.  Tastes like fancy restaurant food!  Plus, the smell of squash baking in the oven is home for me.

I am also baking some vegan raisin bread, because I have no eggs.  (Payday is Friday.  I’m holding out until then to grocery shop.)  But don’t worry, I didn’t just leave out the eggs, I used an actual vegan recipe.  It’s still in the oven, and smells great.  We’ll see how it turns out!

I can feel fall coming.  As of this moment, it is in the 60s outside.  I have opened my windows despite the thunderstorm!  I love that.  Even though I don’t really like to be too hot, I don’t like air conditioning either.  Going in and out all day makes me crazy.  It seems even hotter outside when you’re in 70 degrees inside.  My para likes to keep our classroom at 68 in the fall and spring, and as warm as possible in the winter.  It drives me crazy.  I would rather have the temperature inside be slightly different from the temperature outside.  Except of course in the winter, when I would really enjoy setting the thermostat in the 60s.  I mean, seriously, if I’m moving around or working hard or exercising, I want it cooler anyway.  And if I’m not, I’d really love to be curled up under a warm blanket, in which case it’s also best if the room is cooler!  I’m sure this is a lingering effect of the drafty farmhouse where I would wear long underwear, sweatpants, long sleeved t-shirt, and sweatshirt to bed in the winter because it was so cold in our room.  And, we had no air conditioning in the summer.  I learned to be intimately acquainted with the weather of the season.  So these days, anytime I can open my windows makes me feel at home.

I’ve mentioned the concept of home twice in this blog.  That seems to be one of the major life tasks of your 20s, looking for home.  It’s hard for me, as you know, because one of the irreplaceable elements of home is having lots of people around.  Being alone gives me that sense of…waiting for the real home to come along.  But there’s all these other things that do give me moments of home in my house…things baking in the oven, houseplants, cleaning, open windows, blankets in the living room, coffee brewing…all these little random things that maybe remind me of something, or that I just love because I’m me.

You know, the only real homes we have are the ones we create for ourselves.      –James Van Der Beek in Dawson’s Creek


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