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 I was looking through all the pictures from our trip to Seattle.  (Sadly, I can’t get them to upload for some reason.  I’ll try again soon, when I have an actual cd of them.)  I want to go back!  It is a wonderful place.  The weather was perfect.  The scenery was beautiful.  The people were lovely.  There’s this atmosphere that seems to center in Seattle and bleed out into the area all around it.  People are happy and calm.  No one is irritated or in a hurry.  Everyone is busy, but not rushed.  It seems to be contagious to the tourists, too.  We went to the Pike Place Market, which is basically a place for farmers, fishermen, florists, soapmakers, jewelry artists, craftspeople, and other merchants and artists to sell their stuff.  That sounds so old fashioned, but that’s exactly what it was!  Anyway, this place is just full of people.  I’m guessing they are both tourists and locals.  But nobody was irritated by the crowds.  You just take your time, take things as they come, whatever.  If you have a destination, you’ll get there, and you might see something worth looking at or tasting along the way!  If you don’t have a destination…I was thinking the whole time we were there, that if I lived in Seattle I would come to the Market when I just needed to get out and clear my head.  You could wander for hours and just absorb the peace!  I’m thinking we should make the trip every summer.  Or move there!  Anyone want to come?

Something else good…last night!  I sang at church last night, with five other people, two guys and four girls altogether.  That was an experience for the “music piece” of me, that’s for sure!  I’ve sung at my church before, and I’ve even had my own mic, like I did last night.  But last night we sang a song that was just us, for the congregation to listen to, not join in.  I had to really be confident with my part, because there were so few of us that the only other person on my part was Matt, who played piano also.  So he’s a guy, so his voice sounds different anyway, and he’s not standing next to me, so I can’t really hear him, I just have to really know my part.  We started singing it, and I could hear myself!!!  From the speakers and stuff, I mean.  I’ve never had that experience of singing with a mic and actually hearing myself, being able to hear my own voice out of everyone’s.  I was so proud of myself, because I sounded good and harmonized with the other parts just like I hoped I would.  It was such a beautiful song, called “The Holy Heart.”  I definitely got the feeling that I’ve been talking about!  I wish I could do that every day of my life until I die.  And after that, I bet God has plenty of opportunities for singing in heaven!  Otherwise how could it be heaven?

After church we (the young adult group from my church) had pizza and kickball.  The weather was perfect, it was so much fun.  After it got too dark to play, some of us that have known each other for awhile went to someone’s house and we played games and had some drinks, just hung out for awhile.  I first got to know these people in Bible study, so to just hang out and have fun was a side I hadn’t seen of some of them.  I really enjoyed myself.

The third and final good thing…I forgot how much I love “school year” weekends!  Specifically, the ones where I’m staying in town.  I tend to not sleep in too much, but it feels really good to sleep until 7:00 or 8:00 at least.  Then I love getting up and just dinking around, working on housecleaning and stuff, maybe going to work out or going for a walk, finally take a shower around lunchtime, spend some couch time, t.v. and books, maybe take a nap.  Slowly work my way toward getting ready for my evening plans.  Or if I have no plans, I tend to get really productive late at night on the weekends!  I’ll rearrange my furniture or clean out a closet or something.  Weekends make me feel both productive and relaxed, because I tend to get some stuff done, but I go at it without a to-do list or a schedule in mind.  Some weekends I literally watch a movie, clean the bathtub, watch another movie, give the dog a bath, movie, start some laundry, etc.  Other weekends I’ll start some music going and just keep working on stuff for four or five hours.  It’s so nice to just be totally relaxed about what I’m doing, and do whatever I need to, however I feel like doing it.  Only five days until the next weekend!  🙂

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  1. Tara
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 20:50:01

    Told ya things would get better once you got into your regular routine and schedule!!! We need to get together sometime. I want to hear all about your trip!! Love ya!


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