Cosleeping articles

Okay, it turns out this cosleeping thing is something I’m actually pretty passionate about.  Who knew?  And I have no right to be, not when I haven’t done it since I was the kid in my parents’ bed.  So, instead of arguing my point of view, I’m going to let the people argue who have actually tried it, or done research on it.  Here are a couple of great articles I found in my research:

Real Men Sleep With Their Kids–my favorite of these four articles!

Not Designed to Sleep Alone

Making It Work: Guidelines for Safe Cosleeping

Ten Reasons to Sleep Next to Your Child at Night

I have such good memories of cosleeping, vague as they are from 20+ years ago.  When I think of my time as a very small child, before I went to school, there are just a few things that stand out as “how mommy and daddy take care of me.”  Letting me sleep with them when I have a scary dream or I’m lonely, making breakfast for me, mommy playing with me, and daddy letting me help him outside.  The fact that those are the few things that I remember after all this time really says something about their importance, I think.  (It’s weird that breakfast is what I remember, isn’t it???)  Plus, I’m such a cuddly person by nature, I hate sleeping by myself, I just like the idea of feeling my babies next to me all night long.  Enjoy!


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  1. Mom
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 21:35:51

    It was just too tiring to try to get you into your own bed until Sarah could keep you company! That is the ONLY reason you slept with us. At least most (or some) nights, you could go to sleep and be put in your own bed, and then come in with us during the night.


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