my vacuum cleaner

I love to vacuum.  (Yes, I hear you.  And yes, I’m serious!)  🙂  It’s very…soothing is the only word I can think of.  It’s so very satisfying to watch the floor become perfectly clean.  The repetivive back-and-forth of pushing the vacuum cleaner is almost like meditating.  On the morning of one of the more stressful days in my life, when a big group of my family was on their way to move me out of an uncomfortable and slightly unsafe living situation with no warning to my roommates, I asked Betty if I could vacuum her house.  Don’t think, don’t worry, don’t obsess.  Just vacuum.

 You think I’m crazy now, just wait for the next part…

An excerpt from a phone conversation with Sarah last Saturday:

Me: I washed my vacuum this morning.

Slight pause.  Sarah: Excuse me?

Me: I washed my vacuum this morning.

Sarah: Sometimes I worry about you.

Me: No, it needed it!  The filter was dirty, and I couldn’t get all the layers of dust off by just shaking it into the garbage.  So I washed it in some warm soapy water.  Then I figured I may as well wash the canister, too.  When I was done with that, I just took the wet rag and wiped the dust off the vacuum.  When I turned the vacuum upside down to wipe off the wheels and stuff, I noticed that the brush was full of strings and lint and stuff, so I got some scissors and got it all off.  Then I used the rag to wash the brush, and then I was done.  The whole process probably only took an hour!

Sarah: This is a whole new level of neurotic, even for you.

Sarah may have her doubts, but I’m telling you, the thing works as good as new now!!!  🙂


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  1. Betty
    May 11, 2007 @ 16:03:26

    Oh my dear Dawn, sometimes I do worry about you! (the worst part is that I know someone else who has similar neurotic tendacies-me). But I can’t recall that I ever felt soothed by vacumming.
    FYI–I snagged some book sets for you from the media centers freebie shelves. It is that time of year again when they weed/purge. If they aren’t something you want you can give them as Christmas gifts or something:) Are you going to be around for the graduations?


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