This could be the one…

To strive to be when each day dies

Something better than the morning found me.

                            –S.E. Kiser

I love that quote, and it kinda-sorta is related to what I’m going to talk about.  Tonight I went to listen to a speaker at my church, and he spoke about being a positive Christian in a chaotic world.  His talk was great.  Basically, being positive is about choice.  If you’re negative, if you’re life sucks, if nothing goes right…you CHOOSE that life.  You can choose a happier life by changing your attitude, thinking, and behavior.  That’s the big picture.  There are two specifics that I latched onto.

The first is about behavior.  Habits are changed by choice.  As he said, “That’s what grown-ups do.”  Well, I guess that’s me.  🙂  Or will be soon, maybe.  Anyway, there are four stages.  1–Unconcious incompetence: when you don’t know that you’re doing something negative.  2–Concious incompetence: when you know you’re doing something negative, you don’t want to do it, but you do it anyway.  3–Concious competence: You take steps to change the behavior.  You have to think about it each time, it takes a lot of work, and it’s difficult because it’s different from what your habit is.  4–Unconcious competence: You’ve been practicing the changed behavior for long enough that you don’t have to think about it.  You make the positivie choice without thinking.  I like this model, because breaking habits that I don’t like is a challenge for me.  (I have a lot of them!)  This model give me hope.  Just because it’s hard at first, it won’t always be hard.  Eventually I’ll do the better thing without having to work so hard.

The second specific from his talk is about attitude.  Think about when you’re rocking on your porch, on the last day of your life.  Someone walks up to you and says, “Hey, what was the best day of your life?”  Positive people think each day, this could be the ONE!  This could be the best day of my life.  It doesn’t matter that you know today you won’t get married, your children won’t be born, you won’t be going on a wonderful trip, you won’t be seeing long-lost friends.  You don’t know what will happen today, between now and the time you fall asleep tonight.  This could be the ONE!

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