John Mayer

Becky, thanks for your comment!  🙂  Yes, I realize how little of my to do list actually got done this weekend.  Turns out posting it on my blog is no more motivating than just keeping it in my head.

I just got home from the John Mayer concert.  It was AWESOME.  As always, I like him a hundred times more after seeing him live.  And as always, the best songs are not on the radio!  I have this theory that artists release their “cookie cutter” songs as singles.  You know, the songs that sound like everything else, the ones you’re going to get sick of after hearing them a million times on the radio.  My favorite songs on every single cd I have are songs that I have never heard on the radio.  You have to invest something in the artist to hear the really good stuff. 

John Mayer has what I would call an “urban groove” in his music.  When you’re rushing, the director always tells you to “find the groove.”  It just means to find the tempo where the song belongs.  If you find it, it’ll be easy to stay there.  It’s like floating in the “river” at the water park and just letting the flow of the water take you at its own speed.  It’s a feel-good place to play.  It’s not something you can explain, it’s something you have to feel.  I thought of that a bunch tonight.  John Mayer CELEBRATES the groove!  He finds the groove and stays there with a passion.  I don’t know why the word “urban” fits.  Something about the sound of his voice and the sound of the harmonies and rhythms.  His music belongs in a scene of a movie in a city at night, with streetlights and steam coming up from subway grates.


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