Chad and Enation

See?  I told you, I’ll be updating regularly for awhile, until the novelty wears off again! 

First things first.  Happy 25th birthday to my friend Chad!!! 

So, I told you that one of the things I like to do online is listen to samples of music from cds I’m thinking about buying.  Well, the next cd I’m buying is “Identity Theft” by Enation.  It’s sort of a long story how I found out about Enation.  You want to hear it?  Okay.  Well, you know I got hooked on One Tree Hill?  Well, one of the actresses is Bethany Joy Galeotti, and she is working on a debut album, and I really like the five songs that I’ve heard from it.  And her husband, Michael Galeotti, is in the band Enation, which I had never heard of.  So I checked out their website. 

Have you ever listened to a group you’ve never heard before, and been intrigued?  Well, that’s where I am with Enation.  What are they all about?  Are they singing about love, or faith?  Or both?  Or leaving it up to the discretion of the audience?  You know, when you listen to Avalon it’s obvious you are listening to songs about Jesus.  If you didn’t know anything about Jesus, you would still know that the album is mostly about this guy who supposedly is the Son of God and died for our sins and all that.  If you didn’t know anything about Jesus I think you would listen to Enation and think, “Hmm, weird lyrics.”  Or maybe, “Wow, that’s some deep love they’re singing about.”  Since I know about Jesus, I first listened to Enation and thought, wow, it’s clear these guys have some kind of faith that reminds me of my own, and it shines through in their music.  You can FEEL it in the music, not just the lyrics.  The second or third time through listening to “Feel This,” it hit me–They’re singing about salvation!  At least, I think they are.  But you wouldn’t even know it from the lyrics if you didn’t know what salvation is.  You might not feel it in the music if you didn’t know what it feels like to know that you are loved so much. 

And suddenly, three songs are not enough, and I HAVE TO have this cd!

If you’re interested, you can hear three full-length Enation songs at and samples of all the songs on the record at  You can hear three songs from Bethany Joy Galeotti at, plus two more at


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  1. statikk
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 15:32:57

    the group Enation is pretty special. I have to agree. I really want the Identity Theft CD too. Hoping to get it soon = )


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