The first t.v. update of the season

It’s looking like my t.v. updates are going to have to come after Wednesday night t.v. this season…Or maybe Mondays…

First things first.  I blogged last spring about the awful cliffhanger on One Tree Hill, so let’s just clear that up.  At the end of last season, Nathan looks at his new bride Haley, says, “Haley, I love you,” and jumps off a bridge to try to save his uncle and another girl whose car went over the side of the bridge.  Last night, some things got worked out, but not everything, of course.  Nathan survives and is fine, but there’s something he’s not telling everyone, and apparently we’re going to find out more next week.  It looks like it’s going to be that everyone thinks he’s a hero, but really his uncle saved him and the girl.  The girl survives, and is fine.  Nathan’s uncle isn’t looking too good.  Is this great t.v.?  Um, no…  Is it addictive?  YES!!!  So I’ll spare you the rest of the details and just enjoy my addiction in peace.

The Biggest Loser–I do NOT like the girl trainer!  She doesn’t want to get to know the people on her team.  She doesn’t want to help them draw out their own strength and willpower.  She just wants to beat the blue team.  She doesn’t even like these people!  She was talking about what a horrible job they were doing during a workout, and she was like, “That’s why they look like this.  Because they won’t put any effort into anything…” blah blah blah…  I can’t stand her!  Bob, the guy trainer, makes you want to work out and be healthy.  This girl makes me want to hit her in the nose!

And my new favorite show of the season so far…Studio 60.  It’s the new one by the creators of The West Wing.  After just two episodes, I’m thinking I’m going to like it just as much as The West Wing.  It’s the same fast, smart, funny stuff that you need to pay attention to in order to catch the jokes and follow the story line.  Plus, I won’t have to ask Chad a bunch of government questions after every episode!


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