the perks I forgot about!

There is one of those “newsletters,” if you can call it that, that I get in my email inbox every week.  You know the type…You signed up for it at some point, but by now it has become so useless to you that you delete it with all the spam as soon as it arrives.  Well, today I opened this one, for some reason, but this time I actually found an article that I really appreciated.  To be honest, I seem to have moved completely out of the “I want to get married!!!” trance, and I’m completely comfortable where I’m at.  I still want to be a wife and hopefully a mom someday, but it will happen when it’s the right time, and I have no need to worry myself over it.  However, I still hate living alone.  This article reminded me of all the great things about living alone that I totally take for granted!  So share, share, share, with everyone you know who despises having a refrigerator and bathroom to themself!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Status: Single!
21 reasons to enjoy the state you’re in
 by Ginger E. McFarland


Okay, gals, let’s face it. Some days living alone just plain stinks. When you’re single, there’s no one to take care of you when you’re ill, no one to cuddle with on a stormy evening, no one to kiss good-night (besides your teddy bear and maybe your dog, but they don’t count). Those are the times when I wonder if my Creator’s forgotten about my deep-felt desires—you know, the ones he created in me. But God reminds me through Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 that there’s a time and a season for everything. The Bible also encourages me to give thanks in all circumstances because this pleases God (1 Thessalonians 5:18). So here are 21 reasons we singles can be grateful for this season of singleness!

1.You don’t have to cook every night—unless you want to. And no one will notice all those crusty dishes in your sink you haven’t gotten around to washing yet!

2.The remote control is all yours—so there are no “discussions” over whether you’re watching the Monday night movie or Monday Night Football.

3.You can eat ice cream right out of the container, which is especially important when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s.

4.You can listen to Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, or Newsboys at the 10-decibel setting on your stereo; you can listen to Christmas music in September; you can listen to your favorite cd over and over and …

5.You can spend money without consulting with anyone.

6.You can leave the house messy and no one will complain or you can leave the house spotless and no one will clutter it.

7.The phone always rings for you and every piece of mail only has your name on it.

8.You can come home from work and spend the rest of the evening in your undies (make sure you keep the curtains closed, though).

9.All the closet and drawer space is yours for the filling.

10.The toilet paper always goes over the top of the roll. And the toilet seat is always down.

11.You can take long showers and use up all the hot water. And no one will flush the toilet and scald you while you’re there.

12.You have a lot less laundry to do—and less folding and ironing.

13.No one drinks all the milk and then puts the empty container back into the refrigerator.

14.No one uses all the ice cubes and returns the empty tray to the freezer.

15.Your plans are just that—yours. No permission necessary.

16.You can lie in bed every night until 3 a.m. reading the newest John Grisham novel.

17.You can pretend you’re Judy Garland, grab your hairbrush and, using it as a microphone, give the performance of your life—to the bedroom mirror, who will of course think you rock!

18.You can hit the snooze bar every time it goes off for two hours before you get up and no one will be-come annoyed—unless, of course, you live in an apartment with thin walls.

19.You can cut coupons out of the paper without worrying about someone wanting to read the article on the other side.

20.You can go out of town on a pampering weekend without consulting somebody else’s schedule.

21.You have uninterrupted time with God.


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