long time, no blog

It’s been awhile!  I finally gave up internet when I decided to move to the bigger place, and I also discovered that the library computers won’t let me get to my blog, for some reason.  But now, I’m back at work for the year and should be able to blog from here on a regular basis.

I’m ready for the students to come!  About 3:30 this afternoon, I hit my usual afternoon lull of being hungry and wanting a nap.  But it was compounded by the fact that I had nothing left to do at work!  My plans are done, the room is ready, I’m ready for the parent meetings tomorrow.  There will be more work to do after that, but for today, I’m literally DONE!!!

The new apartment is wonderful.  I just need a dining room table and chairs and I’ll be set.  I’ve got my eye on a set at Shopko that I like a lot, I’ll be able to buy it soon.  Unless I find one I like better between now and then…  🙂  It’s so nice to be able to do laundry whenever and however I need to, not worrying about quarters and getting there before the laundromat closes.  I can actually SPEND my quarters again!  Pal seems to enjoy the bigger spaces to run and chase his ball.  He has turned into even more of a scaredy-cat dog, because from my deck door, he can see people coming and going into the building, which is new.  He barks at every person he sees.  I’m hoping eventually he will get used to the people who are always coming and going, and bark only when it’s someone unfamiliar.  He doesn’t bark very loud, though.

In case you are on the edge of your seat about my digital keyboard situation, (ha ha), I did end up buying the required cord and the sustain pedal.  It works even better than I expected, and I play it all the time.

Well, since it is now after 4, and I have nothing left to do here, I’m going home!


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