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Okay, the two of you are right about the piano.  I should at least find out how well it works.  But, no matter if I stop here or if I buy all the accessories that I need, it would be frivolous spending either way, right?  It’s a piano, it’s not food, clothing or shelter, and my livelihood doesn’t depend on it.  So it’s like cable t.v. or new furniture.  No matter how much I want it and use it, it’s frivolous. 

Speaking of new furniture…I have couches on the brain.  I’m starting to look for some new living room furniture for my new apartment.    A new couch, and maybe a chair or loveseat.  I’m beginning to realize that I’m holding off on things “in case I get married soon,” and that’s a little silly.  Maybe some people get new furniture or new kitchen stuff or whatever when they get married, but that doesn’t mean I have to wait for that.  I’ve been living outside of my parents’ home for six years now, it’s not like I don’t have a home.  Even if I do dwell in it all by myself.  My couch is crap, and I need a new one.  Simple as that.  Well, all right, I WANT a new one, it’s not food or clothing or shelter.    But my current couch is pretty crappy.  It’s covered in stains that Tara and I couldn’t get out when we lived together, so it has a slipcover, that is constantly coming off and being ugly and uncomfortable.  And, one end of the couch is broken somehow, because it’s much lower to the ground than the other side, and much more uncomfortable to sit on.  In any case, there’s no reason not to get a new one except that I feel like I’m supposed to be concerned about what happens if my future husband and I both have nice living room furniture.  I don’t know why I think I’m supposed to be concerned about that.  It’s stupid, because I have a home and need living room furniture until that day, right?  Besides, even if that does happen, in all likelihood I’ll eventually have a house that will fit two sets of living room furniture anyway.  And why should I be stuck with junky college furniture until then anyways!  My couch is really the only thing still leftover from college that I hate.  I saw a set at one store this past weekend that I might go with, but I still have to look at the big furniture store in town.  This set I found is mocha brown colored, and it’s that soft micro-suede stuff that I love.  The feet at the bottom of the couch are dark wood.  I think it would look very nice with my other living room furniture and my sage green curtains.  And the brown would add some color to my white, white living room, but it would still be a neutral color that would be easy to work with in a house someday.  I think I would get the couch and the chair with the ottoman, but I need to move into my new place and think about it a little.

Today I was at the library, and some high school girls were being very loud and rude at the computers.  I was in between some shelves, and a lady came up to me and said, “Tell your friends to be quiet.  What they’re doing is very rude.”  At first I thought she was joking, BUT SHE WASN’T!!!  I’m grateful that I can so easily be mistaken for a teenager, I hope that’s still true when I’m 30.  But there are times when it is a pain!  I don’t even know why she would think I was affiliated with them.  I had just come in, I hadn’t even walked near those girls.  She had to have just assumed that since I look about the same age as them, they must be my friends.  To my knowledge, I wasn’t doing anything that offended her, so I really don’t think that even if I was 16, she would have any right to be rude to me.  I was caught off guard, I didn’t correct her, but I didn’t agree either.  I just said something like, yeah, people shouldn’t make so much distraction in the library.  And I walked away.  I should have said, “I’m sorry, they’re not my friends, go tell them yourself!”  As it turned out, she was complaining to the lady behind the desk when I was ready to check out, and I joined in the conversation a little bit and threw in there, “When I was a kid, I was afraid to talk in the library.”  You know, hoping to point out that I’m not a kid.  Whatever.  I made sure to be exceptionally cheerful and polite to both the rude lady and the woman behind the desk, said thank you, and left.  The girls were still there, being loud.  I’m sure that woman was too distracted by them to notice that she had been rude to me.  I really do appreciate the benefits of the way I look.  If people think I’m eight years younger than I am today, maybe when I’m 50 people will think I’m 42.  🙂  Unfortunately, for now, it makes me a rude, annoying teenager in some people’s eyes.


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