Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Congratulations to my friend Chad!!!  He got a teaching job for next school year.  It’s been a long wait, and he’ll finally get to do what he’s been wanting to do!  Woohoo! 

Tonight I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition pretty much from beginning to end with Tara and Chad.  I forgot how much I like that show.  It makes me feel good, and it makes me want to do good things.  My favorite episode ever was when the team went and built a house for a family who ran a youth camp.  They were doing good for people who do good.  They seem to pick families like that regularly–families who spend their life helping people.  It makes me feel good to see such generous people receiving the generosity that they, too, deserve.  It also makes me want to be more generous and less selfish.

Then of course, it’s followed by Desperate Housewives, where everyone is murdering somebody, cheating on somebody, deceiving somebody. 

One more week until my summer break starts.  I’ve decided not to get a job for the summer, mostly because I want to be with Pal most of the time until he is truly housetrained, since that has been such a challenge.  Obviously it’s not going to take every minute.  But I want to take him outside on a schedule, and gradually increase the amount of time he spends inside between walks.  That way, hopefully I can stop using the crate at night and when I’m gone.  I know I’ll probably be very bored by August, but it will just make it all the better when I go back to work, right?  Right now, though, I can’t wait to have a slower life for a little while!


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