a fast weekend

Wow, this weekend just FLEW by!  I think that’s a side effect of having a 3-day week last week.  The weekend came really fast, I was not prepared to leave work on Friday afternoon.  I flew through my lesson plans while the kids were resting, and still had a couple quick things to finish at the end of the day.  So of course, the end of the weekend came just as quickly as the beginning did! 

Bristol was here this weekend.  On Friday, we went to Red Robin, and then rented Flightplan.  It is an excellent movie, but if you have a taste in movies that is similar to mine, DON’T watch it by yourself!  I did watch it for a second time this afternoon, by myself.  It’s really the camera action and the music that put you on edge when you are watching it.  The story isn’t quite as scary as you think it will be while you’re watching it for the first time.  Strangely, it made me want to get on a plane and travel somewhere.  It also made me kind of want to be a flight attendant…Not REALLY, because I know that I would not be the best person to be in charge in case of an emergency.  But on movies, flight attendants always have perfectly pulled back hair, perfect makeup, and a perfect polite smile on their faces.  Ever since I was a little girl, flight attendants just seem “perfect.”  As I grew up, I realized that it must be a challenging job, to basically put on a happy face for the sake of customer service.  But when I worked at Hy-Vee, I loved the challenge of interacting with customers, most of them not too pleased with my employer, and making things right.  (Not that I’m going to change careers or anything.  There’s something to be said for having a job where I can stay home all summer!  )

On Saturday, we ate at IHOP, and then spent the afternoon watching basketball.  Then Tara and Chad joined us, and we all went to Upstream for supper, and then to the Drafthouse to see Jenna’s band.  Upstream was excellent, and we all even had dessert.  Jenna’s band was great, too.  They played lots of songs that we knew, and Jenna is a great singer.  And of course Bristol got to meet Brian and Jenna, just for a bit because they were busy with the band.  Bristol and Chad didn’t get to experience the most entertaining moment of the night…Tara and I went into the restroom to find a loooong line of women waiting.  Just a minute after we got in line, a girl AND A GUY came out of the big stall!!!  Apparently if I had gotten in the bathroom just a few seconds before I did, I would have been able to HEAR the “activities” as well!!!  Later on we saw that girl leaving with a different guy…I wonder what happened to the guy from the bathroom tryst…. 

Bristol left after lunch today.  I spent the afternoon watching Flightplan again, and baking cookies for a care package for him while he studies for comps, and of course to take to Tara and Chad tonight.  Bon Jovi is on The West Wing tonight…woohoo!  Grey’s Anatomy is old tonight and there’s no Related tomorrow night, so if I have a t.v. update for you it will probably be about Bon Jovi.

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