sleeping dog, hats & mittens

Well, I survived another snow day.    These two days have been great–a much needed break!  I have dusted my whole house, cleaned off my desk (and found an unsent Christmas card…oops!), cleared out all the stuff under my bathroom sink that I don’t think I’ll use anymore, watched several movies and some daytime t.v., read an entire book, played with Pal, went for many walks through the snow, and of course taken some naps.  I think I can handle the three working days that will finish out the week! 

I have realized over the past two days that Pal is an absolute JOY to hang out with during the day!  I’ve always thought he probably sleeps pretty much the whole day while I’m at work, but on the weekends there are always things going on, and my schedule is out of the routine, it’s hard to get a feel for what he normally does during those hours.  But yesterday and today, I found that from about 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., he spends most of his time sleeping.  He just wanted to curl up on the couch by my feet, he didn’t want to play or anything.  Whether I was watching t.v. or reading, he would just curl up at the end of the couch, rest his little head on my feet or legs, and just sleep, sleep, sleep!  That’s great, because I wanted to just lay around most of the time, but I was expecting that since I was home, Pal would want to play.  But he was just fine with me laying around!  I can’t believe how much dogs can sleep though.  He’s pretty active in the evening, of course, but right now he’s laying on the floor in my bedroom taking another nap.  And I don’t know how much he sleeps during the night, because sometimes I hear him walking around or getting a drink.  But I never hear his toys, and when my alarm goes off in the morning he’s usually laying on the floor by my bed, or curled up on the couch in the living room.  But it does make me feel better to know that when I leave for work, he probably just curls up and goes to sleep until I come home!

I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  However, I’m sending a telepathic message to all the parents of my students to remember to send their children to school with HATS and MITTENS!!!  Why a parent would send a 4-year-old to school without a hat when it’s 30 degrees outside is beyond me.  When I was four, if I couldn’t find my hat, I couldn’t go outside and play.  And my mittens were attached by a string that ran through my coat sleeves, so there was no losing those things!  And I don’t even care if it makes me sound old to say stuff like that, because for crying out loud, if you know your child will be playing outside in the SNOW during the day, you should know that your child needs a HAT and MITTENS!!!  That’s not old-lady talk, that’s COMMON SENSE.  Would YOU want to spend 45 minutes outside without a hat?  Or riding a tricycle without mittens on your hands?  THINK!!!  I am a grown-up person, and since I know that I will be spending 45 minutes outside every morning at work, I almost always have a hat and gloves even if I think it might be warmer by the time we go out.  AND, if I forget, I am the only one who suffers, and I’m an adult and responsible for my own stuff.  If a parent forgets, it’s not the parent who suffers, in fact the parent doesn’t even have to watch the child suffer.  But I honestly don’t think a lot of parents even think about that when they send their kids off in the morning.  Some kids come without a coat, even!  And the most effective way to deal with it is just to make the kid go outside anyway, and tell him that if his hands or his ears get cold, he’ll just have to remember to ask his mom for a hat and mittens for tomorrow.  Sadly, that’s the most effective because then my little 4-year-olds take responsibility for having appropriate stuff when they come to school.  But I find that so sad because I think it’s the parents’ job to be responsible.  (At some point, yes, you need to teach your children to be responsible for their own stuff.  But in preschool???)

And I will get off my soap box.  I bet teachers in southern California don’t have this problem.  Come to think of it, I bet teachers in Alaska don’t have this problem either.  It would just be so obvious, pretty much year-round.

By the way, Chad, there’s chocolate syrup in the fridge if you come over to visit Pal and want to have some of that frozen yogurt.  It’s really growing on me–I might try another flavor of that stuff! 


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