snow day!

YAY for snow days!!!  And, it’s about time!  My first full year of teaching, and not a single snow day until the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! 

I am enjoying my day.  I had plans to go have my taxes done, but I think I’ll skip it today.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll have another snow day, and I can do it then.    Today, I just want to sit here and enjoy the snow.  Snow is beautiful.  It makes everything look clean and quiet.  I don’t even mind the cold, because I know it’s the middle of March and we won’t have to endure it very long.  I just want to enjoy the lovely snow while it’s here.  I wish I had some snowboots, because I love to walk outside when it’s snowing!

So, happy first day of spring, everyone!    ENJOY the day, whatever the weather is!


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