the rest of my weekend

Becky, complaining about my lack of updates seems to have worked.  I’m updating like crazy this week! 

I just read the update that I posted on Friday night very late.  I really was tired and rambling, that’s for sure!  Don’t read it.  Trust me.  But in case you did, and you are burning with curiosity, the friend I was speaking of did email me back, and she wants to get things back on the right track again, also.

Yesterday I got a Mystic Tan.  You know, the spray-on shower kind.  I purchased them last May thinking that I might use them for the summer since I was going to be in a couple of weddings.  But I never used them and they will expire this May, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Here’s my reaction:  It’s a WASTE OF MONEY!!!  It’s very nice, it’s quick and easy, and my skin turned out a nice light golden color that looks fine.  But it’s the EXACT same thing as that self-tanning lotion!  In fact, I even got a few uneven spots, just like I do when I use the lotion.  It’s the same ingredients, it even smells EXACTLY the same.  The upside would be, that it turned out very even on my back, which is a tough place to get by myself with the lotion.  But the downside is, I had no control over WHERE it went, it just sprayed.  I put this “barrier lotion” on my hands and feet like they told me to, but I must not have used enough on my feet, because my toes turned out VERY dark!  And it was yucky and uncomfortable to breathe the mist while it was spraying.  It’s quick, but not so quick that you can hold your breath the whole time!  So my advice would be, don’t spend $25 bucks on a Mystic Tan that will last 7-10 days.  Go buy a bottle of the higher-priced self-tanning lotion at Target for $8 and it will last all summer!!! 

Besides which, my skin is so sensitive to sunburn anyway, that I think I’d rather have a real sun-created tan that will protect me from the pain of burning.  Spray-on tans or the lotion will obviously not do that!  God made sunshine, but He did not make Mystic Tan! 

If you’ve seen the episode of Friends where Ross ends up with like six Mystic Tans on his front and none on his back, that’s pretty much how it works.  Except there is no counting.  When it’s done you just turn around.  You don’t have to worry about counting “Mississippi-ly” or “Mississippi-less-ly!” 

This morning I ran into Tara and Chad at church!  Of the all the churches in our area, of all the times that you can go on Saturday and Sunday, and we happened to go to the same one–what are the odds!!!    Unfortunately Chad did not get to hear “Christ Be Our Light” this morning…

I’m going to take the dog for a long walk before it starts snowing again.  WHEN we have a snow day tomorrow, I’m sure I won’t want to walk very far with him!  Then Tara and Chad are coming over for supper and t.v. tonight.  The West Wing and Grey’s Anatomy, but no Desperate Housewives tonight.  (And just when I had started to really ENJOY Desperate Housewives!)


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