A rare t.v. update

First of all, I am never watching Miracle Workers again.  It’s too hard!  With Extreme Home Makeover, if somebody doesn’t like their room, it’s not that big of a deal.  With a dating show, if it doesn’t work out, oh well.  But I can NOT watch these parents wait through their children’s surgeries not knowing how it will turn out!  If surgery is unsuccessful, they could lose their child.  I can’t stand it.

Now I have to announce that I may have gotten caught up in Lost over the past few months, and I may have forgotten what was going on in The West Wing while the Olympics were taking over NBC…but The West Wing is back to being my favorite show EVER!!!  They have FINALLY addressed the subject of Josh and Donna’s romantic subtext.  I have been waiting for this ever since I started watching The West Wing!!!!  That, and I wanted Sam to come back on, and guess what?  He’s coming back on!!!  They really know how to finish a t.v. series!

However, I did have a dream about Lost last night…Scared me to death, but I woke up wanting to watch Lost some more!  Unlike my nightmare about Desperate Housewives, after which I was afraid to watch it for a couple of weeks.  Does anyone know how to NOT have nightmares???  Recently, they’ve all been related to t.v. shows, so I suppose I could just quit watching t.v…  

Related was great tonight, as always.  Rose needs to quit doing stupid things.  It looks like next week, she’s going to completely screw herself out of any chance she had for a friendship or a romantic relationship with Joel.  But it looks like Margie is finally going to grow up and give a real relationship a chance.  Anne used to be my favorite character, but there’s nothing much going on with her right now.  And Ginny and Bob seem to be getting their closeness back after losing their baby.

Grey’s Anatomy was good as usual last night.  Though, I’m once again wondering where the heck they think they’re GOING with this plot line!  Everything happens so quickly.  We just barely get attached to one idea, and it’s ripped out from under us.  Alex and Izzy were moving towards a relationship, but now they’re screwing it up.  Meredith slept with George when she knew he cared more about her than she did about him.  And WHAT are Derek and Addison going to do?  Stay together?  Get divorced?  Decide already!  I still like the story of Christina, though.  She keeps growing and changing, but not all over the place like the other characters. 

I might possibly be getting into Desperate Housewives more than I was.  I never really liked it, I just watched it because it was on and because everyone talks about it.  But, it’s kind of entertaining to see everything played out in such a superficial way.  All these women are real spoiled brats, for the most part.  I don’t know that we’re really supposed to CARE about any of the characters, because it always seems like they get what they deserve.  But it’s somewhat entertaining to watch…

I guess t.v. is my only entertainment this week, not much is going on.  Bristol is in Florida, enjoying the beautiful weather.  It may sound crazy, because it’s not like we see each other during the week anyway, but I miss him.  I know I probably won’t get to talk to him this week, and I wish he was here or I was there.  Actually, I wish I was there.  I don’t want to take him away from his spring break trip, and I would really love some warm weather right now! 

Chad, I’m glad you enjoyed the banana bread!  I’ll have the recipe for Tara next Sunday.  What would you like for supper?


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