Hail and blessings

Pal had his first experience with hail this morning.  Well, I’m not sure I would call it full-fledged hail, but it wasn’t rain and it wasn’t snow.  It was billions and billions of tiny balls of ice falling from the sky.  I took Pal out for his walk this morning, and I took my umbrella, which scared him to begin with when I opened it up.  Then he just kept running around, wincing and looking at me like, “Would ya quit throwing stuff at me???”  It was hillarious!!!

I went to church this morning and there was a guest priest today, Father Ralph O’Donnell.  I really enjoyed listening to him.  (Becky, if you worked for him, you’d think Fr. L was old and ugly!!!)  He had such a positive energy, you couldn’t help but listen intently.  He told a story about a friend of his who was 83 and found out he was dying.  The friend was in hospice and had been given last rites.  Fr. O’Donnell went to visit him, and the friend’s first words were a hearty, “Ralph!  Thanks for stopping by!”  Fr. O’Donnell was surprised to see someone with such a grim outlook in such good spirits.  But he didn’t say anything about it, and chatted with his friend.  Soon his friend said, “I am so blessed!”  Fr. O’Donnell thought, blessed, what do you mean?  You are in the last days of your life, in hospice care, with no hope for recovery.  But he simply said, “What do you mean?”  His friend said, “There are so many people in the world who are dying today, who don’t have a chance to reflect on the blessings of their life that God has given them.  I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people I care about, the people that have been blessings in my life.”  The point of his homily, of course, was that even in times of trial, big or small, God is with us, blessing us.  What a great outlook on things!

First of all, my problems are small.  I live in great wealth and opportunity, compared to so many people.  Secondly, when I feel my problems overwhelming me and I’m tempted to throw myself into a hole of despair and self-pity, God is always inviting me to look at the ways he is blessing my life as I go through my trials!

I’m off to Tara and Chad’s for supper.  I’m taking whole wheat low fat banana bread, which I think turned out better than regular banana bread!  But I’m pretty sure Chad will hate it, since it’s whole wheat, so wish me luck!  🙂


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