What a weekend!

Well, the plan was to go to Minneapolis to visit Sarah this weekend, since I had Friday off.  But I woke up Friday morning with a lovely upset stomach, so I stayed home.  Sarah was wonderful and came to visit me instead.  I’m praying she somehow avoided the germs.  We obviously didn’t do much, just laid around and watched movies.  Sarah took care of Pal.  I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, although the only thing I want to eat is smoothies from Scooters.  And at $4 a piece, I’m hoping I’ll be back to “regular food” soon! 

I didn’t even get to have supper with Tara and Chad last night, because I didn’t want them to get this flu!  So I watched Sunday night t.v. by myself…sniff, sniff…  Extreme Home Makeover was awesome…a tearjerker from beginning to end!  I was talking on the phone to Sarah so I missed most of Desperate Housewives.  And Grey’s Anatomy was back to it’s usual self.  You know, enjoyable, but not really anything to write about on the blog.  Tonight my usual 7th Heaven and Related aren’t on for some reason, and The Bachelor is the women tell all, which I don’t even want to watch a little bit.  So I’m sure it will be Olympics or no t.v. at all!

Oh, and my computer decided to collect 111,000 virus files somehow on Saturday, so yesterday afternoon my brother talked me through completely reloading everything.  So now I don’t have any of the pictures or music that I had collected over the last three years!!!  Really, it’s the least of my worries, because I didn’t have to pay somebody to take the viruses off my computer, or worse, buy a new one.  But FYI, (mostly to Chad and Becky), I won’t be using AIM anymore!!!  I had suspected for some time that my computer was very slow when I had AIM open, and Mark guessed that’s probably where the viruses came from.  So if you want to talk to me, you’ll just have to call me on the phone!

Now I’m going to take my strawberry smoothie and go sit on the couch!    Any prayers and wishes that can be sent to my stomach would be greatly appreciated!  Have a great week!


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