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ABC is becoming quite the popular network in my apartment!  We’ve got Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives on Sunday, The Bachelor on Monday, Lost on Wednesday…  I don’t think I ever used to watch ABC except for the Bachelor or The Bachelorette!

The Bachelor is not as awesome of a show as it once was in my mind.  As it goes on season after season, I can see how unrealistic it is to expect someone to find the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with in such a fast, staged situation.  And I don’t even want to watch the “women tell all” episode next week.  AND…I still say that watching one women decide between multiple men is more fun than watching one man choose between multiple women.  Lots of women get catty and just stupid when they are put together in a competitive situation like that.  I’m absolutely postive I wouldn’t last past the second rose ceremony no matter who the guy is, because if he didn’t kick me off, I’d leave rather than be around women like that day in and day out. 

So you can tell what I did tonight…I watched t.v.!  Related and The Bachelor of course.  Related was a real tear-jerker…Their father got married, and he gave them a letter from their mother, to read if and when their father ever remarried.  Sniff, sniff…  If ever you were to sample Related, tonight would have been the night!  And I got to talk to Becky for a little while, which was great. 

This weekend I met halfway to spend some time with my wonderful boyfriend.  We met on Saturday.  The visit was way too short.  Did you ever wish you could go back and leave things just a little differently?  I want to drive to his house just to kiss him goodbye again.  I hate goodbyes, and I tend to just sort of “power through,” just get it over with as fast as possible.  But then of course I regret it, because in hindsight I want the goodbye to have been memorable.  This goodbye thing is not new…When I move away from a roommate, I always cry after we’re gone.  When Tara and Chad and I moved out of our apartment, I don’t think I ever even cried…It was horrible, I loved living with them, and I felt like if I let myself be sad, I wouldn’t be able to stop.  Or like if I could avoid experiencing the goodbye, maybe I could avoid being sad, which of course was not true.  Maybe I just need to learn to accept that I feel the way I feel, and just FEEL it, not analyze it and try to figure out how to fix it…  I feel sad that I have to say goodbye to Bristol for a couple of weeks.  The more I care about him, the harder it gets.  But the bittersweet goodbyes are a small price to pay for the wonderful relationship that seems to be growing here. 

Jeez, my blogs are getting as personal as yours, Becky! 

Speaking of Tara and Chad, last night I ate supper with them, minus the West Wing due to NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.  I’m so glad we live so close right now!  If they had to go off and get married, and get an apartment without me…   

Okay, so after my long rambling blog tonight, I’d better end it right now!  Have a great week!


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