Tara and Chad and I went to Mimi’s Cafe to celebrate Tara’s birthday.  It will soon be my favorite restaurant, I think!  You all should definitely try it out!

I watched Grey’s Anatomy from last night.  I can see why Chad thinks it was the best beginning ever, and I’m sorry Chad, but I can’t agree with you on that.    But OH MY GOD that was an intense show!  That anesthesiologist was a prick.  I can’t believe he would do that.  Everybody has a family, and friends, and a life.  You DON’T just leave someone to wait for possible disaster ALONE!!!  If I were his wife or his daughter, I would be devastated if he died, but I would be proud of him for doing something so brave and right.  Poor Hannah…And she pulled her hand out of the patient!  If the patient dies, or anyone else dies if the bomb goes off, and it could have been prevented by Hannah staying calm and keeping her hand steady in the patient’s wound….I BLAME THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST!!!  And now Meredith has her hand on the bomb…and Derek just found out…and Bailey won’t let her body do it’s job and deliver the baby because Derek is working on her husband’s brain…and Addison found out that her husband won’t evacuate his operating room and abandon Bailey’s husband, even though the operating room next door has a live bomb inside a patient’s wound…and Izzy and Alex are off doing it in a closet while all this is going on…AAAAAGHGHGHGHHHHH!!!!!   WHY couldn’t they make it a two hour show, and resolve all these plot lines???  SERIOUSLY!!!!


Related was pretty good tonight, though definitely not as drama-filled as Grey’s Anatomy.  Does anybody else on the planet like Related???  Who knows… It’s sort of an evening soap.  Right in the same category as Dawson’s Creek, which I also enjoyed.  Well, a “grown up” Dawson’s Creek.  In any case, I’m not even going to bother writing about it, because as Chad said, nobody cares since nobody else watches it.  But if you’re bored on a Monday at 8:00, you should give it a chance. 



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