The Nadas

Happy Superbowl Sunday!    It’s our last chance to watch football until next fall!

Last night I went to the Nadas concert with Miranda, Kathy, Anne, and Christina, who are fellow teachers.  It was a blast!  The Nadas are awesome.  It’s always fun to go out with those girls, and just let loose and not be “teachers” for one night!  Although, probably a quarter of our conversation still revolved around work…  But of course much of it was drunk conversation, which is more fun than conversations we actually have at work.

On Friday night, I finally bought a new vacuum cleaner.  My old one started having sparks flying out of the bottom of it about a week ago.  I love to vacuum, so it was a pretty exciting evening to have a brand new vacuum cleaner!  (I know, I understand…It’s like if you were to tell me that you love to go to the laundromat…But I can’t help it!  )  Speaking of which, I went to do my laundry today, and I found that they raised all their prices at the laundromat!  So now it’s actually cheaper to do laundry in my apartment complex’s laundry room.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…the machines at my apartment are so old and unreliable.  But I’m actually thinking that moving to an apartment with washer/dryer hookups might actually be affordable, if you consider how much money I spend at the laundromat every month!

Well, I’m feeling my Sunday afternoon nap coming on.  Have a great week!

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