A long overdue update :)

I’m finally updating my blog… 

I had an awesome weekend.  I went to  visit Bristol, and we had a great time.  We hung out with his friends Ryan and Ashley who I have met before, and also met Jimmy, Lindsey, Sarah, Vicki, Steph, Toni, and Jeff.  (Woohoo!  I wasn’t sure I could remember that many new names!)  They are a fun bunch.  I can’t wait to hang out with them again sometime. 

I never thought I’d get myself into a long-distance relationship.  But it turns out, the person is more important than the distance!  I’d still want to see Bristol if he lived across the country.  But it’s hard to leave and know that I won’t see him again for several weeks! 

Here’s my q&a portion of the blog… Why don’t guys hang stuff on their walls?  So many guys seem perfectly content in a house with bare walls.  Ryan and Bristol have absolutely nothing on their walls.  Are guys really more comfortable in that kind of environment?  Or do they just feel like it’s a waste of their time to actually put stuff up?  I’m not judging at all, I’m truly curious.  I’m so much more comfortable in an apartment that feels like a HOME.  Putting up pictures is usually one of the first things I do when I move to a new place.  Any opinions?

It’s going to be a busy week or two at work…Conferences are coming up, and I have to get going on some stuff for my mentor.  A new PWIM cycle started last week.  (PWIM is basically an extra language arts unit that we have each quarter…and yes, preschool has to do it too!  It’s pretty effective, but lots of work.)    I have to learn how to screen kids for next year’s preschool class.  And there’s the usual stuff, of course–Lesson plans, tantrums, parents…  And of course working out like crazy so I’m ready for the 5K in April!  I’m glad the dog seems to have settled into a “energetic but obediant” phase of puppy-hood!  He doesn’t have accidents very often, he doesn’t need the crate at night, he’s gotten very regular about his eating habits.  I don’t feel guilty leaving him alone a little longer if I need to stay at work or go to the fitness center.  I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly the “puppy stress” has gone away!    I’m looking forward to the days that are still months away, when I don’t have to worry about ANY accidents, or deal with the crate at all, or take him out ten times a day.  But I’m not so desperate for them like I was a couple of months ago!


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