Planes, movies, cheesecake, and the puppy

I had a fantastic weekend!  Picking up Bristol from the airport…hanging out with Dana and Greg….supper and Sunday t.v. with Tara and Chad…and lots and lots of hanging out with Bristol!

I love to watch planes take off and land!    One of the most exciting sounds in the world is the sound a plane makes as it’s getting ready to leave the gate.  On Thursday, I got to the airport a few minutes before Bristol’s plane was due to arrive, so I went up to the food court area where I could see out the windows and watch the planes.  Suddenly, there comes a Northwest jet touching down on the runway, and pulls up to the gate.  That’s definitely one of the most exciting sights in the world…a jet appearing out of the sky that has somebody on it that you are excited to see.  It’s such a mystery to me how pilots can lift passengers off the ground miles into the sky, and then bring them down again thousands of miles away.  It was pretty exciting to me to basically watch somebody safely bring my Bristol down to the ground in Omaha. 

In case anyone hasn’t heard me talk about him… I’m crazy about Bristol!  He is great.  Just ask me, I’ll talk your ear off about him! 

The Family Stone is a great movie…Not exactly what I expected.  Definitely a chick flick.  I think poor Bristol was a little bored during the movie, and Greg appeared to be napping.  Don’t feel too sorry for them…When we decided on a movie, their input consisted of “I don’t care,” and “Whatever you girls want.”  What did they expect???  We also played Sequence for quite awhile.  I really like that game.  It’s the perfect game for a situation when you also want to be chatting or watching a movie.  You have to concentrate and use strategy, but you don’t have to pay constant attention to the game.  We played girls versus guys, and the girls definitely won!

Tara made some yummy chicken tortilla soup for supper, and I baked a chocolate cheesecake.  Well, when I say “baked” I really mean “bought at Target.”  We watched The West Wing and Desperate Housewives, as usual.  John Spencer, who plays Leo on The West Wing, passed away not too long ago, and we’re still wondering what they will do with Leo on the show.  It looked as though he wasn’t going to cut it in a debate tonight, but he actually had everyone fooled and pulled it off.  Desperate Housewives was crazy as usual.  And Grey’s Anatomy was a “catch-up” episode…you know, show little pieces of all the important scenes so far.

I need some advice, if anyone has any to offer….  How do you housetrain a puppy when you live in an apartment and work full-time?  If anyone knows of anybody who has been in this situation, I would love to hear their stories.  I know every person’s experience is different, but I just need to know if other people have frustrations with it, and if I can expect a light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon.  I love my dog of course, but I’m really itching for the time when I can leave him free in the house during the day, and just take him out a few times a day instead of a hundred.  So let me know if you know of anyone who had this experience… 


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