New Years

Friday was a movie day.  Bristol and I had lunch at Red Robin, and then went to see Walk the Line.  It was excellent.  Trust me, even if you don’t like Johnny Cash’s music, which I definitely don’t, the story is worth it!  It’s right up there with Ray and Selena…GREAT movies about musical performers!

I cooked supper for us at my house, pork chops and mashed potatoes.  Let me just say, if mashed potatoes is all it takes to keep that boy happy, this is going to be easy!    We rented Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Hitch.  I had seen Hitch before, and I’m starting to think I should buy it.  It’s very funny.  I especially enjoy Kevin James (from King of Queens).  Mr. and Mrs. Smith was even better than I expected.  It’s such a hillarious concept, to have a husband and wife trying to kill each other.  The movie was done in a way that kept it fresh and funny.  The emphasis was on the comedy and on the relationship between John and Jane, not on violence. 

Saturday was “friends day.”  I met Bristol’s friends Ryan and Ashley for lunch.  They were really nice, and not at all afraid to tell embarassing stories about Bristol, which was fun of course!  And Bristol and I got together with Tara and Chad for fireworks, supper, and some card playing.  We ate at a Japanese steakhouse, where they cook your food in front of you.  It was really fun!  Playing euchre was fun too, although I would like to know if I really am starting to understand what the heck I’m doing at that game, or if I was just lucky.  I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing! 

This morning I got up at 8:00…  The dog does not understand my weekend schedule.  I baked a pie and took Pal for a little walk, and finally got around to getting out of my pajamas around 11:00.  This afternoon I took Bristol to the airport and picked up some of Chad’s family, since I was there anyway.  In case you’re still counting, that will make six flights all together.  Then Tara and Chad and I ate supper at Grisanti’s tonight. 

Tomorrow it’s back to work again.  It’s going to be an eventful week.  Poor little Pal has to get neutered on Tuesday, so I’m sure getting him back home after anesthesia will be an adventure.  And the best part, on Thursday Bristol will be back from Florida and spending the weekend with me again.   

I’m putting up some photos from Dean and Betty’s house the day after Christmas, and maybe some from the restaurant last night, if I can steal them from Tara’s blog. 



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